Thursday, September 29, 2011

Finally, An End To The Humidity In Sight

Today looks to be the final push to get through the humid and showery airmass we have been in. We will have a good chance of some rain and thunderstorms this afternoon, and then things should clear out overnight and tomorrow will be the transition day to below normal temperatures and low humidity. By Saturday, it will once again feel great outside!

We also have two tropical storms out in the Atlantic Ocean. Ophelia and Philippe are both tropical storms, but are not poising any threats right now:

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

TS Ophelia- Our attention turns back out into the Atlantic

Tropical Storm Ophelia has formed yesterday in the central Atlantic. As of now, it is unknown if there will be any impact to the United States. Here is the graphic:

More to come

Saturday, September 10, 2011

TS Maria Update 9/10/2011

Latest guidance on TS Maria shows her re-curving back out to the Atlantic. This will likely bring rough surf to the coast, but little else. Guess its time to see what else is down the line.

Friday, September 9, 2011

PA Flooding

a Youtube flooding photo montage... unbelievable stuff!

TS Maria Update

As of this morning, most of the flooding rains have left the area. Parts of VA, MD and PA have been devastated.

We turn our attentions to Tropical Storm Maria. Maria is moving towards Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic and will reach there late this weekend. Maria is not forecast to become a Hurricane until she reaches just north of the Bahamas on Tuesday Morning. There, the track will be close enough where it will bear watching for cities on the East Coast.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Deleware River Flooding

As of now, here are the projections for the Delaware River at Trenton and Washington Crossing:


A number of flooding areas over the region today already. We have a break in the rain now, but more is expected this afternoon before the entire system pushes out. We will have another period of heavy rain which will enhance flooding. Remember, if approaching a large amount of water on the roads, Turn Around, Don't Drown.

Then, our attention will focus on Tropical Storm Maria. This looks like it will have to be monitored next week. It will come close to the east coast. Here is the graphic:

More to come!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Conveyor belt of storms continue

Well, we are dealing with remnants of Lee now in the Mid Atlantic and
the Northeast. Lee is dropping upwards of 6" or more in areas of MD
and PA. Places are being severely impacted by flooding. These rains
will continue for atleast another 24 hours.

Then, we have tropical storm Maria in the Atlantic which will move to
north of the Bahamas early next week. Tropical Storm Nate has also
developed today in the Gulf of Mexico which will spin it's wheels for
a few days. All this and we still have over another month left in
hurricane season! Should continue to be active!

For today and tomorrow, expect more heavy rain to move into the area
and possibly cause more flooding over the region!

The silver lining is, when the rain stops, we should not have any
restrictions on lawn watering :) that is, it stops raining prior to
thoughts of an upcoming white winter!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Tornado Crosses The New York State Thruway

This was at a rest stop near Amsterdam, NY. This happened yesterday, September 4, 2011

Active Tropical System Conveyor Belt Continues

remnants of Lee is moving through the southeast up to the northeast US, Katia is still out in the Atlantic, and now, we have another tropical wave moving off the coast of Africa. If this can strengthen to a Tropical Storm, this would be Maria. In any case, the conveyor belt conitnues!

Flash Flood Watches

First, the good news...Hurricane Katia is forecast to now officially recurve back out into the Atlantic meaning one less headache for the area! This will be close enough I think to get some good wave action at the shores and cause choppy seas. Here is the graphic:

The bad news, there are flood watches posted for a large area due to a frontal boundary approaching which will also suck up some of the remaining remnants of Lee. For our area, mainly 2-4" of rain will fall over the next 2 days which will cause some flooding in some parts of the area. Here is the HPC outlook and the graphic where the watches are:

As you can see by the graphic, areas around Tennessee are going to bare the brunt of the rain.

More to come as conditions warrant

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lee and Katia Updates

Tropical Storm Lee continues to pound Coastal Gulf States with heavy rains and tornadoes. There are numerous tornado watches out, numerous flood watches and warnings, and a number of evacuations underway. This looks to continue for another day.

Hurricane Katia still looks to make a re curve out into the Atlantic keeping it away from the East Coast of the US. Katia will be continued to be watched until she is no longer a threat

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Lee and Katia update

Tropical Storm Lee continues to pound the Gulf States of Louisiana and
Mississippi. If there is any silver lining to the massive amounts of
rain the area will see is that it appears that a lot of dry air is
trying to work itself into the storm, which may spare New Orleans from
catastrophic amounts of rain. There will still be a lot, but it may
not be any where near the 20" or so shown on models.

Hurricane Katia has been shown on model guidance to begin a recurve
back out into the Atlantic in 3 days or so. It still bears watching
until it is gone.

More to come

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Amazing videos from Vermont flooding.

 Sent to me by a guy I work with: 

I find the floods in Vermont very interesting. We got some pretty good damage in NJ but Vermont is destroyed.


Check the video below where several 500-1,000 pound propane tanks are caught in the spillway and leaking propane.  If you watch one video the first one is one of the better ones.


Taftsville bridge flood:


Car going down the river:


Building being ripped apart


Quechee Bridge:


Quechee Bridge other side after the pavement washes out: (a little shaky)


What's left of the bridge:


Other videos:


more propane tanks hitting a bridge:



Tropical Storm Katia and TD13 talk

Hurricane Katia has been downgraded to a Tropical Storm today as winds have gone below 74mph sustained. It is still forecasted to regain Hurricane Strength and become a Major Hurricane. Still a little early to tell about a threat to the east coast. Interestingly, our future with Katia may hinge on Tropical Depression 13 that has formed in the Gulf of Mexico. TD13, has formed and will likely strengthen into a Tropical Storm before making landfall on the LA coast. A lot of fuss was made about the strength of Irene and how it was downgraded and was not "as strong as forecasted." Here is why that is all CRAP....TD 13 is going to strengthen into a Tropical Storm and potentially drop over 20" of rain in areas of Southern Louisiana, including New Orleans. Yes, the areas that were devastated by Katrina, are staring at 20" of rain! Here are the graphics:
Precipitation over the next 5 days:
And, our track of Tropical Storm Katia:

9/1/2011 Hurricane Katia Update

With the new month of September starting, I also have a new Hurricane I am tracking. Hurricane Katia is a minimal Hurricane with sustained winds of 75mph (74 is Hurricane criteria). Currently, Hurricane Katia is forecast to become a Major Hurricane (Winds >110mph) on Sunday Morning. Below is the NHC's 5 day forecast. It appears Katia could pose a threat to the Eastern US. Extrapolating from the 5 day, it would appear Katia would split the field goal between the Bahamas and Bermuda. Katia will have to be watched!