Thursday, July 8, 2010

Weather Pictures

I have started putting together two picture albums, one of winter weather events and one of severe weather events. The albums are located here:

Severe Weather-

Winter Weather Events-

If anyone has any pictures they would like to contribute, please send them to:

Just maker sure to include your name (so I can give you credit) and the location of the picture.

Corey Towner

The Three H's

Don't expect this heat and humidity to leave anytime soon. We are pretty well locked into this pattern and there will be little relief. Even if a cold front moves through and triggers some rain, don't expect copious amounts of rain in the foreseeable future. Even on days where the temperatures drop into the low 80's, don't expect it to last as it will be short lived. It appears the upper 80's and 90's will rule the rest of the summer. In addition, little rain will lead to drought restrictions as some towns already have them in place. The other foreseeable problem will be the strain of the electrical grid as everyone's AC units will be cranking. Just remember, December 21 is the first day of winter!

Corey Towner